One Night - An Ed Sheeran Imagine.

this is for the amazing Philine. it was requested by her and she deserves it! hope you enjoy/read/reblog/like!

One Night - Part 1 


i was anxious. i mean, who wouldnt be? seeing their ex for the first time in a month and having to force yourself believe it would only be 'a one night thing’, as she clarified with me on the phone. i take a beer from the bartenders hand, cheeky bastard,eyeing me up like im some sort of an alcoholic. maybe i am? ive drunk non stop for the past month and tonight, it continues. i hope to get drunk enough that my head will be numb in the morning, so i dont have to watch her walk out of my life again,for God knows how long.

my eyes wander to the exit, and behind the many drunken bodies, i spot her. standing there. looking like an angel. almost as if she can sense me, she looks ahead, her eyes burning mine, looking deep into my broken soul. im a hollow man now, nothing but a pathetic boy who writes loves songs about a lady who doesnt even love me anymore. maybe she does? im clueless, i cant read her like i used too.

she walks toward me like a goddess, her eyes shining bright emerald amongst the ever changing strobe lights. everything was slow motion as i took in her 'new' appearence. she was still beautiful, but different. shed lost weight, i hated that. she was perfect before; she had stunning curves. she wore a red dress, it was lace with red fabric underneath. it suited her well and matched her plump crimson lips also. her cheeks flushed as i stood off the bar stool, leaning in to kiss her cheek. i noticed that her cheek and collar bones were more prominent also. she gave me a shy smile as i looked at her properly, face in front of face. i regretted everything. i wanted her back. i needed her back. if i hadnt been so stupid, if i had went with a more realistic career choice maybe i would still have her and maybe shed still be in love with me.

the night went on and of course, the old her begun to shine through after a few alcoholic beveridges. she demanded we danced to the the chart fillers on the over cramped dance floor. i obliged, anything to make her happy, i thought.

"you look really pretty tonight"

i said loudly in her ear,so she’d hear above the music. my hands stayed on her waist as we swayed out of time to the thumping music.

"thank you, Ed"

her voice was breathy, sounded weird but it was.

"i still love you"

i wish my mouth could form they words. i wish i could tell her she really was more than a ‘one night stand’.

omg. so what did you think? what will happen in part 2? ooh mystery. idk. send me feedback lovelies?


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